Babe Rainbow - Combed Music Video

Music video for 'Combed' by Babe Rainbow.

Babe Rainbow - Combed
from Shaved EP, 2010, Warp Records
Made by &a&k&d -
Writing and Concept - Douglas Haddow -
Kent Hugo -
Alexander Kurina -
Director - Kent Hugo
Assistant Directors - Douglas Haddow & Alexander Kurina
Motion Graphics Director - Alexander Kurina
Animation Production - Kent Hugo, Alexander Kurina, Chris Moberg
Animation Production Assistant - Chris Moberg
Producer - Kent Hugo
Camera - Kent Hugo
Cast - Jonathan James Holby
Extras - Arbi Faridani & Ming Xien Yeo
Grip - Arbi Faridani, Rebecca Jones & Ming Xien Yeo
Costume - Escapade, Camden
copyright &a&k, two thousand and ten
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